Wholesale Meat

Wholesale Meat Supply

Alongside our retail sales, we also provide wholesale meat. South Ulladulla Butchers has been providing quality customer service and products to the food service industry since 1981. We count local schools, restaurants, cafes and bakers amongst our valued customers.

Being a small business ourselves, we find it exciting to work with like-minded businesses that need an easy, satisfying experience when it comes to sourcing their meat.

We know that dealing with large wholesale suppliers can sometimes be a battle. We aim to make things as easy as possible by doing all the legwork for you. We have long standing relationships with farmers and suppliers who are second to none and we proudly sell their produce in our own shop.

Having a team of butchers on hand also means we can prepare your meat and supply it to your exact standards.

Making pies and want coarse mince with low fat? No problem. Selling chicken burgers and need free range chicken breast sliced into schnitzels? Too easy!

Just let us know exactly what you need and we are happy to help and save you the time in doing it yourself.

We’re also more than happy dealing with small or large quantities, with a minimum order of $300 – you benefit because we’ve already bought the cream of the crop in bulk. We’ll deliver to you on a daily or regular weekly orders.

We value our wholesale customers very much and strive to maintain the same outstanding service, quality and knowledge that we provide in-store.

If you’re looking for an easy, quality solution to your free range wholesale meat needs, please don’t hesitate to give Trent a call at the shop on

02 4455 2913 to discuss or send an email to info@southulladullabutchers.com.au with your requirements and we’ll see how we can help.