About Us

At South Ulladulla Butchers we take care to deal with producers and suppliers that hold a similar food philosophy to our own.

Over the last few years we've become more aware of the processes our food goes through, all the way from breeding to the minute it ends up on your plate.

We keep an eye out for producers who share our values. Are their farms sustainable? How do they breed and rear their animals? In what conditions are they kept? What are they fed? How are they transported? By asking these questions and paying close attention to detail, we are able to confidently deliver quality, organic, free range and grass fed products to our customers, who like us, choose to eat food that improves our collective health.

We support local farmers and businesses

To truly appreciate the range of products we stock, you need to visit our store. Our quality meats range from local Angus beef to free range, pasture raised organic pork. lamb and chicken.

We have around 15 different varieties of gourmet sausages, including fresh satay chicken and our famous critically-acclaimed chorizo sausages.